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QT Rabbitry and Chinchillas
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Raising standard, and working to be able to supply other varieties such as charcoal, mosaic, and black velvet.

New Chinchilla babyWe have only recently added Chinchillas to our operation but would like to say that they are a very fun and welcome addition! All our animals, over 100 that is, are raised in vertical four-hole condos with trays and featuring automatic watering systems. We keep our chinchillas clean and provide dust bathes regularly. Our chinchillas also receive a quality diet supplemented with much-appreciated treats. Currently we are offering weaned standard babies for sale almost regularly, but would like to soon be able to offer more exotic varieties such as charcoal, black velvet and mosaic. I can also provide older breeding animals to the small hobbyist upon occasion and request.

** Pricing List **

Standard babies: $75.00
Charcoal babies: $100.00
All other varieties: Start at $100.00

Standard adults: $50.00
All other varieties: Start at $100.00


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