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QT Rabbitry
Mini Rex Rabbits
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Chinchilla Mini Rex

Focusing on Chinchilla Mini Rex

QT Rabbitry is a fairly small but professional rabbitry located in Ferndale, WA. We work with Black, Broken and Castor with our focus on our Chinchilla Mini Rex, though we often have other varieties offered for sale, such as White, Ermine, Sable Point, Sable, Tortoise, Chocolate, etc. All our rabbits are raised with affection and good care. This past year our Chinchilla Mini Rex won 2 Best in Shows, and BOV and BOSV and third choice for BOB at nationals. Our pricing is very reasonable, with animals being sold according to age, type, fur, overall quality, use and lineage. We welcome visitors by appointment and attend many ARBA sanctioned shows throughout the year. Please feel free to email me, Candy, with questions and inquiries.


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